Biblical Counseling 

The Biblical Counseling Foundation (BCF) is organized to train and equip members of the body of Christ to face the challenge of living in a fallen world and to prepare them to disciple / counsel others using the Bible as their only authoritative source.

BCF's training program is based strictly on the complete authority and sufficiency of the Scriptures.

Self-Confrontation Weekly Class via Zoom - Beginning Sept 28, 2021



Dear friends in Christ,

The Biblical Counseling Foundation is happy to announce that registration is now open for the 24-lesson Self-Confrontation course on Tuesday evenings beginning 28 September via Zoom. We were blessed to have over 200 registrants on Zoom last year from 22 states and 6 countries, and are offering it again this year. The class will begin at 5:30 PM Pacific Time (8:30 PM Eastern) to make it available at a reasonable time for all time zones from east coast to west coast. Each lesson will be approximately 1 hour, 45 minutes long.

In Matthew 7:3-5 God says to not focus on the “speck that is in your brother’s eye” but to “first take the log out of your own eye and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother’s eye.” The Self-Confrontation course is a study of this and many other life-changing biblical principles. You will find the study to be challenging and also full of encouragement and hope for living victoriously in the power of the Holy Spirit, even through the most difficult trials of life. You can watch a short video about the course and materials (Self-Confrontation Manual and Student Workbook)


Some of the topics include:

A. Biblical hope and foundation for change

B. Biblical methodology for change

C. Biblical understanding of self

D. Biblical understanding of anger

E. Biblical view of forgiveness

F. Unbiblical Communication

G. Marriage relationships

H. Parent-child relationships

I. Depression

J. Fear and worry

K. Life-dominating problems

The subtitle of Self-Confrontation is “A Manual for In-Depth Biblical Discipleship,” and has been part of BCF’s core curriculum since the very beginning of the ministry in 1974. Hundreds of thousands of Christians have been encouraged and enriched through this systematic life-application study of God’s Word.  

Cost and Registration:

The cost for the full course lasting 24 weeks is $30, plus materials (the Self-Confrontation manual and Student Workbook) - currently on sale for $29.00 (English blemished) or $16.00 for PDF bundle download. The total price is $59.00 plus shipping for the Course With Print Books, $46.00 for the Course With Digital PDF Books . This is a significantly lower price than any of our normal in-person courses - both Weekend Seminar and Intensive Courses.

To register, please go to:

If ordering hard copies of the materials, please order before September 13 so that the materials will arrive prior to the first class on September 28.

Each person must individually register so that we can provide links to each Zoom class via email. We will not be able to provide technical assistance, so please test your computer’s Zoom capability beforehand. You will be able to interact with the teaching team during class. Also, you are encouraged to send in your weekly “homework” to get the most out of the class. Blank electronic homework sheets are downloadable from the BCF website. Homework will be checked by BCF volunteers and returned to the student, if the number of volunteer homework reviewers is sufficient.

We sincerely hope you and perhaps some of your friends will take advantage of this opportunity.

In Christ,

The BCF teaching team