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Friday May 3rd Dinner & Dessert

We will have a fully stocked baked potato bar.  Potatoes will be prebaked, some kosher salted with olive oil and some plain - your choice.  There are two proteins available; salsa chicken (shredded chicken breast mixed with a salsa) and shredded beef (cooked plain with optional sauce) and all Baked Potato toppings including butter, sour cream, real bacon, green onions, salsa.

Dessert will be served as we gather at the firepit for Worship and fellowship.  S'mores fixins are available - roast your own marshmallows (available on site).

Saturday May 4th, Dinner & Lunch

Saturday morning coffee bar -& Donuts a self serve coffee bar is available (Keurig, French press, pour over - you decide).  Creamers and sweeteners to mix your morning brew to accompany your devotions.

Fresh Basha's donuts will also be served

9AM - Breakfast casseroles will be served; there will be a meat and vegetarian option are available along with some optional toppings (salsa, sour cream, green onions).  Toast will also be available.

Noon - optional sandwich ingredients are available for all for a sack lunch or 

  • a Hualapai short nature hike with Rebecca Martinez

  • or a craft to make an ocean themed air freshener with Sally

  • or you may opt to go home and enjoy your family

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